Xvirus Scanning engine SDK

Improve your products by adding the Xvirus Scanning Engine!

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SDK integration

Xvirus Scanning Engine SDK/CLI 3

The Xvirus Scanning Engine is available in both SDK and CLI. It is a easy to use, light and effective way to improve your existing service or product with incredible detection rate and friendly support, a perfect combination for your business. It is completely free for free products and non-commercial use and affordable for paid products and both big and small businesses! Contact us to see it in action we are sure you will like it!
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Xvirus SDK engine is available in the custom engine packages on Metadefender.

Metadefender Cloud

Xvirus SDK engine is now available in the Commercial Package of Metadefender Cloud.

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SDK integration

Improve your products by adding the Xvirus Scanning Engine. Available in SDK and CLI packages.

SDK Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Windows xp, vista,7, 8, 10, server 2008, 2012 and 2016 and .NET Framework 2



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